CARY, NC – Town of Cary Animal Control officials have confirmed the first rabies case of the year in Cary. On August 17 around 7 a.m., an aggressive fox attacked a jogger with two dogs in tow while on a greenway near Lantern Ridge Lane. Town of Cary Police responded, euthanized the animal and transported it to the State Laboratory of Public Health in Raleigh for testing; the state lab has since confirmed that the fox was infected with the rabies virus. The jogger is receiving medical care; the dogs, which were current on their vaccines, received booster shots administered by their veterinarian. The last reported case of rabies in Cary was October 2014.

“It’s important to be watchful while in environments where wild or strange animals may be found,” said Assistant Police Chief Scott Davis. “Thankfully, this morning’s incident involved a fast-acting citizen and responsible pet owner.” As a reminder, Davis added that if a pet comes into contact with a rabid animal, and the pet is not properly vaccinated, State law requires potentially rabid pets to be destroyed unless owners agree to support a six-month quarantine. A list of Wake County-sponsored rabies clinics is regularly posted to

Citizens should use caution when dealing with any animal that may be suspicious or may have come in contact with a suspicious animal. Wear gloves and other protective clothing when helping injured pets, and stay away from any bodily fluids, especially saliva. Seek help immediately if you or your pets are bitten by any animal, and notify officials as soon as possible. If you suspect a rabid animal, contact Cary Animal Control immediately at (919) 319-4517.

For more, search “Animal Control” at or call (919) 319-4517.


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