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As a result of our commitment to excellent care of cats and their owners, Morrisville Cat Hospital is accredited by the American Association of Feline Practitioners as a Cat Friendly Clinic at the Gold Level. We have met the standard for providing optimum feline care in a cat-friendly environment that can reduce stress for our patients and our clients.

We understand that cats are not just small dogs! Cats not only have a range of diseases which are different to those of dogs, but they also have different temperaments and need to be handled and treated in a different way. Our staff are trained on how to gently handle our patients in a quiet and calm environment so that we can make your and your cat’s visit as stress free as possible. We also have specialized equipment such as cat scales that allow us to closely monitor our patient’s weight. Weight loss in cats can be one of the first signs of a problem so we weigh each cat at every visit. We also have blood pressure monitoring equipment which is essential for mointoring in senior patients. We use Sevoflurane general anesthesia which is the safest gas anesthesia available which allows for a smoother and faster recovery.

We have a spacious and quiet hospital with no barking dogs!! Our treatment area is furnished with Snyder cage units. These are first class accommodations for all of our patients. Snyder cages are made of a thick substrate covered in laminate which helps to deaden the sound. This means they are much quieter and warmer than stainless steel cages. They are also some of the largest cages available with portholes that connect two cages together providing ample space for living quarters and bathroom areas! All cages have comfortable towels and soft bedding. Cats that need a little extra privacy are given hidey hole boxes and privacy drapes over the cage doors to help them feel a little more comfortable. We also understand that cats are very particular about their litter boxes so we offer boxes in different sizes and we have three types of cat litter that we can offer them as well.

Our boarding area is a well lit area with natural sunlight and rooms with a view! There are bird feeders in front of all the windows for some daily entertainment! We offer accommodations in cages or custom built townhomes that have seven floors extending from the floor to the ceiling giving our patients ample room to sleep, eat, and move around!

Finally, our cat friendly staff are all well trained and knowledgeable about the special needs of cats. They are caring and compassionate individuals who are skilled at handling cats in a humane and gentle way to minimize their stress levels. They have been trained in feline nutrition, handling, anesthesia, dentistry, diseases and pain management and are very skilled at educating clients on how to medicate their cats.

You are welcome to stop by at anytime and tour our facilities!