Putting Your Cat in a Cat Carrier

Cats and Carriers: Friends not Foes

Check out this video for tips on safe and happy transport of your precious cargo. There are 5 simple steps for cat owners to use cat-friendly carriers.

Does Your Cat Have Arthritis?

This video shows some cats that are impaired due to degenerative joint disease or arthritis. It can affect cats as early as 1 year old but more typically cats over 10-especially if there is a weight problem.

Cat Friendly Practices Can Reduce Stress of Vet Visits

For many cats and owners, a trip to the veterinarian can be a cause of severe stress. It’s critical for cat owners to understand the importance of routine veterinary check-ups.

Why Cats Need Routine Veterinary Checkups

Cats need regular veterinary visits in order to live longer, happier, and healthier lives. Eighty-three percent of cats are taken to the veterinarian in the first year of ownership, yet over half of them don’t return.

A Cat Friendly Practice Helps Me and My Cats

The American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) developed its Cat Friendly Practice (CFP) program to help support cats’ ongoing health needs.

Your Cat Needs Yearly Check-ups Too!

Your veterinarian can often detect conditions that may affect your cat’s health long before they become significant so they can be managed or cured before they become painful or more difficult to treat.