About Us

About Morrisville
Cat Hospital

Morrisville Cat Hospital specializes in cat care, strengthening your unbreakable bond with your feline companion.

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About Us

The Morrisville Cat Hospital is a full-service veterinary hospital exclusively for cats. Our staff is dedicated to providing compassionate, progressive medical care and providing the best customer service to ensure that your cat lives a long, healthy, and happy life! Conveniently located in Morrisville near Cary, Raleigh, Research Triangle Park, Durham, and Chapel Hill.

How We Differ

At Morrisville Cat Hospital, we know cats, we love cats, and we understand their medical and home care needs. We understand and respect that you and your cat’s relationship is a bond that can never be broken. We hope to fortify that relationship by providing only the most exceptional care possible.

Discover why we are an AAFP Gold Cat-Friendly Practice!

Our Mission

Morrisville Cat Hospital is a feline-exclusive veterinary hospital whose mission is to provide compassionate and superior feline veterinary medicine while providing exceptional client service based on a whole-team approach. We strive to exceed our client’s expectations by providing transparent, individualized care that treats each of our feline patients physically and emotionally. We specialize in gentle handling and restraint techniques in a low-stress atmosphere where our patients often enjoy their vet visits! Our doctors and staff are a team of individuals working with our clients to provide the highest quality of feline medicine and customer service.

A cat lying on a chair

Morrisville Cat Hospital is a feline-only veterinary practice. We believe cats are exceptional animals who deserve special care.
To achieve this, we:

For our cats
  • Provide individualized care for every cat, taking into account their health concerns and what they can handle emotionally and physically to provide the best treatment plan for each patient
  • Treat the whole cat, both physically and emotionally, and promote preventative care
  • Use innovative handling and pain management techniques to reduce stress and increase comfort for our patients (and their loved ones!)
For our staff
  • Use a team approach
  • Empower staff members through ongoing professional development and opportunities to grow within the practice
  • Take pride in providing a level of care that exceeds the industry standard
For our cats’ families
  • Collaborate with owners to provide the best care suited for their cat and family
  • Educate our clients so they can be an involved part of the team, helping to make informed decisions about their cats’ care
  • Promise timely and accurate upkeep of records and billing
For the field of veterinary medicine and our community
  • Participate in clinical studies that can benefit our patients and provide important data to benefit cats down the road
  • Work with NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine and their students to provide shadowing and learning opportunities
  • Provide support to local animal rescue partners