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Boarding Form

Please fill out this form as completely and accurately as possible so we can get to know you and your pet(s) before your visit. If this is an emergency, or if your pet needs urgent care, please call us at (919)-678-1554 for a faster response.

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Please review our boarding policies listed below and answer the question that follows:

Boarding Requirements:

Vaccines: We require that all cats boarding at Morrisville Cat Hospital be up-to-date on their Rabies and FVRCP (distemper) vaccinations. These vaccinations must be given 7 days prior to cat’s boarding check-in date if vaccines are more than 60 days overdue.

Flea/Tick/Parasite: We require that all cats boarding at Morrisville Cat Hospital be free from fleas, ticks, and internal parasites. If they are observed at check-in or during your cat’s stay with us, we will treat your cat with Capstar ($6).

Common Stress-Related Conditions Policy: Being away from home can be stressful to many cats. Diarrhea, vomiting, constipation, anxiety and inappetence are all common stress-related conditions that will often present when cats are boarding. We monitor our patients very closely each day and will provide appropriate care if any of these conditions develop during their stay with us. Treatment costs may include the cost of possible medications and $8.50 per day to administer medication (if your cat is not already on medications).

Inappetence is the most common stress-related presentation. We will medicate your cat with a single dose of an appetite stimulant (Cyproheptadine), at no additional cost, to jump start his/her appetite. If your cat is still not eating after 36 hours with an appetite stimulant, we will try to contact you at your emergency contact. If we are unable to reach you, we will need to syringe feed your cat to prevent dehydration and liver disease from developing. Additional costs will apply for syringe feeding.